Online Ortho vs. Seeing a General Dentist or Orthodontist

Posted by DR. CHRISTOPHER WONG on Jan 18 2021, 07:36 AM

In times of everything being available online, people seek ways to get dental treatment done online too! It might sound pleasing and easy initially, but it is just like getting a kidney transplant online. That is quite bizarre, right? 

Equating ordering a makeup kit or grocery items to getting medical treatment is never a sensible thing to do. One might get easy access to the dental kits and accessories but to use them correctly is of utmost importance. Applying the kits and gels irregularly or improperly might lead to unwanted diseases and dental problems. 

Let's chart down the reasons clearly for you. 

Reasons to opt for a general dentist:

  • They will see you in real-time and will guide you with the best treatment.
  • A dentist will assess your specific needs.
  • A dentist can make a customized plan for your needs, be it your dietary needs, lifestyle changes, or your goals.
  • An in-office dentist will supervise your treatment with regular check-ups and will prescribe the right medicines to you. 
  • When taking good care of our dental health, you should not hesitate to spend your time and money. The in-office dentist respects your value for money. 
  • Orthodontists are an expert in what they do. You can talk to them and share your problems and issue more like a friend. 

An in-office dentist will do everything best required for your dental care. 

Online orthos do claim the same. We have listed down a few reasons for falling into the trap of online ortho:

  • Easy to access
  • Inexpensive
  • Treatment in no time
  • At-home, at ease
  • No time to stand in queues
  • No prior appointments
  • Although these pointers might attract you, these have their cons attached. 

Cons of online treatment:

  • No Face-time check-ups.
  • There is no guarantee of getting the right and desired treatment.
  • False assurance and endorsement of diseases
  • Potential risk to your dental health
  • Opting wrong treatment due to lack of right supervision

Make an informed choice today to see a happy smile tomorrow!

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