Missing teeth pose various problems both from the functional and the aesthetic point of view. They leave a displeasing appearance on one’s smile, cause the facial structure to appear shrunken, and also affect the way the patient bites and chews food. This is why dentists advise patients to get their teeth replaced by prosthetic ones at the earliest to avoid any further complications.

Dentures are a set of prosthetic teeth made from acrylic and ceramic. They can either be used to replace all the teeth or only a few teeth, depending on the requirement of the patient. If the patient has lost a significant number of teeth, then dentures would be the best option to replace all of them.

How disadvantageous are missing teeth?

  • Missing teeth can leave a gap in the jawbone, thereby allowing the nearby teeth to drift from their places. This can lead to malocclusion and a change in the shape of the jaws.
  • When a number of teeth are extracted, it significantly affects the functionality of the mouth. The patient wouldn’t be able to bite or chew like normal, and also, the phonetics would be affected.
  • The smile of the patient can be affected if a frontal tooth is missing. It can lead to a lot of embarrassment and discomfort when conversing with people.

Why should you choose dentures?

  • Dentures look exactly like natural teeth. Since they are made from acrylic and ceramic, they perfectly to mimic the appearance of the gums and teeth.
  • They are removable. They can be removed whenever required, such as while sleeping and can be put back on easily.
  • They restore the facial shape. Without dentures on, the parts of the cheeks and the chin would look shrunken due to lack of teeth.
  • The patient can bite and chew food normally with braces on. This would usually be interrupted when teeth are missing.
  • They can be fabricated either in the complete or partial form. They are respectively used to replace all the teeth or just a few teeth.


The dentist would screen the mouth for possible infections, jawbone deterioration, drifting of teeth, etc. X-rays, scans, and molds of the mouth will be taken to determine the shape and size of the dentures required. The data will be sent over to a dental laboratory for fabricating them.

The dentures will be made with high precision and would offer perfect fit and bite. They will be of high strength and durability, and with proper care, they usually last several years. During use, they will have to be removed and cleaned, just like brushing our teeth. It is recommended that they should be removed and kept aside before going to bed.

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