Why is it a Bad Idea to Wait Until You feel the Pain to Complete Treatment?

Posted by DR. CHRISTOPHER WONG on Nov 29 2020, 10:41 PM

In general, people avoid paying a dental visit when they encounter minor pain, thinking it can be dealt with later when the pain increases. But in contrast to it, being proactive about your oral health and consulting a dentist at an earlier stage puts you in a beneficial position. 

The pain which starts mildly can result in a more serious issue if left untreated and can even cost life in extreme conditions.

Infected Teeth & Pain

In the case of the infected teeth, the pain associated with it is high, but in some cases, the pain is minimal or no pain. If it is left untreated, then it might be extremely painful as it contains harmful bacteria with the potential of spreading to the supporting bone structure and bloodstream, which could become a very serious condition.

Serious Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of those problems which has to be treated at an earlier stage because it not only causes damage to the gums but can also lead to loss of teeth or bone loss while increasing life-threatening issues like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc. and sometimes it can even lead to causing cancer. Usually, in gum disease, the pain arises when the condition reaches the advanced stage.

TMJ Pain

In some cases, the pain cannot be trusted in terms of identifying where the real problem is as the pain caused by the teeth or jaw. It can be felt at some other place, which can be seen in the case of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). The pains in TMJ can be in the form of headache, neck pain, and in other cases, the pain can also be felt in-ear like vertigo or tinnitus.

It is advisable not to get guided by the pain as some diseases like gum disease can show-up pain in the severe condition, and the worst part is you might even have to pay more for the treatment if you visit the dentist at the last minute. 

Courtyard Dental has in-house professionals who have a wealth of experience in this discipline and will help you guide through all your dental issues, educating you on the further steps. And more importantly, we treat each patient with the utmost care and responsibility. 

If you are feeling uneasiness in your oral health, do not delay. Call us at (925) 855-1604 or schedule an online appointment with Dr. Wong for a consultation at our office in San Ramon, CA.

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