Why Does Dental Treatments Cost So Much? Why Cost of Procedures Vary From Provider to Provider?

Posted by DR. CHRISTOPHER WONG on Dec 15 2020, 11:23 AM

In today's time, when the whole world is functioning through and running after money, no one wants to lose out their hard-earned money unnecessarily and will always look for ways to save money in every possible area. The same thought is applicable in the health care sector too. It is a known fact that the price for the same procedure varies from location to location, so it is important to do the cost analysis for the procedure amongst different health care providers and then opt for the suitable one.

There can never be a definite cost for the treatment that you are opting for. There are many factors that play a major role, such as health insurance, your health condition, and the provider. Let us look at these in detail.

The health insurance

Healthcare is one of those sectors that involves the inclusion of the third party in the form of an insurance provider. These healthcare providers send the bill to the insurance provider, who will, in turn, determine how much you pay based on the specific coverage. This is the main reason for the variation in the total cost. 

The provider

Many physicians are employed by the hospitals, independently, who have their own set of charges and the negotiated prices with the health insurance companies. You might have often heard the term bundled payment, which combines all the patients' charges in one bucket, the cost which varies from location to location. 

The Heath Condition and unique needs

Each person's health conditions are unique, and no surgical treatment is ever the same for the two people. The health care team will thoroughly analyze your conditions and give you the best treatment possible. Depending on the person's condition, the cost of the treatment varies from hospital to hospital.

If you are worried about the cost you might need to pay when you visit a hospital, worry not! We at Courtyard make sure every charge included in the final is done with the patients' proper consent, and no unnecessary charges are added to the patient. We believe that service to the patient is the utmost service, and we also strive to provide the best treatment possible. So give us a call and let us take good care of you. 

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